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  • Swimming crayfish

    Swimming crayfish

    2020/9/25 10:48:13 The scientific name of the red lobster, palinuridae, mainly grows in the Pacific and North American coasts. It mainly lives in the crevice of coral rock. As early as 1993, China and the United States have taken the lead in packaging and providing fresh red lobster.
  • Caribbean lobster

    Caribbean lobster

    2020/9/25 10:46:04 Panulirus argus, which is caught in the waters south of Florida in the United States, accounts for more than 90% of the total lobster production in the United States. The lobster is the same species as the spiny lobster caught in the Bahamas and throughout the Caribbean, commonly known as the caribou or the Cuban dragon, the bee.
  • Rose lobster

    Rose lobster

    2020/9/25 10:44:14 It is commonly known as little red dragon. It is produced between Madagascar and African continent. It grows in a pure and primitive sea area with a depth of less than 500 meters. The rose lobster is light pink in color. After heated, it is dark pink. Its shell is thin and its meat is rich. It is tender and delicious. It explodes delicious juice after being roasted on iron plate.
  • Chilean lobster

    Chilean lobster

    2020/9/25 10:43:49 Main producing area: Juan Fernandez island and Robinson island in the Pacific Ocean. Because the water quality is cold and there are strict fishing limits, it is very precious. Lobster meat is soft, smooth and tender, and tastes fresh and sweet. It is a good food material.
  • Prawns in Brazil

    Prawns in Brazil

    2020/9/25 10:42:47 Also known as the sea cicada, deep-sea Pipa shrimp production is very rare, belongs to the extremely rare deep-sea shrimp, more precious than the general lobster. The meat is very firm and chewy. It tastes sweet and has a strong flavor. If you have a chance to see it, try it anyway. It is a rare deep-sea shrimp. It is usually caught by diving and occasionally by bottom gill net or trawl.
  • European Blue Lobster

    European Blue Lobster

    2020/9/25 10:41:32 Main producing area: Ireland, England, France. Features: rare and precious, long growth period, shrimp age has no great impact on meat quality, regardless of size, they are tender, smooth and greasy, strong and sweet, you can feel the rich and sweet lobster flavor and the faint sea salty smell at the first entrance, so it is of great value.
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