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Q: 1. Which one has high nutritional value, dry sea cucumber or fresh sea cucumber?
A: Most people only know that the sea cucumber is highly nutritious, but they know little about it. When asked which of the dry and fresh sea cucumbers has higher nutritional value, many consumers are confused. A considerable number of people think that the nutritional value of fresh sea cucumber is higher.
Q: 2. How many mistakes do you step on when eating sea cucumber?
A: As we all know, sea cucumber is a kind of high nutritional food. It is high in protein, low in fat, low in cholesterol and rich in various nutrients needed by the human body. It is loved by the masses. All of them regard sea cucumber as a health preserving saint. However, if you don't pay attention to these conditions when eating sea cucumber, your sea cucumber may be eaten for nothing!
Q: 3. All you want to know about Icelandic red ginseng is here
A: Recently, more and more people pay attention to food tonic health. Sea cucumber as a food material with more efficacy than medicinal tonic is deeply loved by everyone. Icelandic red sea cucumber, as a wild sea cucumber growing in the deep-sea waters near the Arctic Circle, has become the "best ginseng" by virtue of its unique advantages.
Q: 4. Honor your parents not only to send Icelandic red ginseng, but also to be Icelandic red ginseng!
A: It's time to eat seafood again. How can you make your parents happy and healthy? It's better to make a Icelandic red ginseng dinner for them. There is always one suitable for you. The Icelandic red ginseng is cut and cooked, which is more delicious and suitable for all kinds of cooking.
Q: 5. Explain the effect of sea cucumber on different groups of people, you must collect it!
A: Sea cucumber is not only a precious food, but also a valuable medicinal material. According to the "compendium of Materia Medica" records: sea cucumber, sweet and salty, tonifying the kidney, benefiting the essence, urinating, tonifying yang, treating flaccidity, its warm and tonic nature, foot enemy ginseng, so it is named sea cucumber. Sea cucumber can improve immunity and memory, delay gonadal senescence, prevent arteriosclerosis and anti-tumor. With the popularization of dietotherapy value, sea cucumber gradually entered the common people's table and became the first choice of food tonic.
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