Keyway Group Enterprises Inc.
Keyway Group Enterprises Inc.

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Keyway Group Enterprises Inc. was founded in the United States . The company took the lead in developing live lobsters on the west coast of the United States in 1993. Later, it established major supply chain, packaging warehouses or channels in the east coast of the United States, France, Mexico, Brazil and Belize of central and South America. Since its reorganization in June 2011, the company has been based on the British Virgin Islands, and has been more inclined to develop business in mainland China and Southeast Asia in recent years. Over the years, the company's main products include Mexican Red lobster, Caribbean lobster, Chilean lobster, Canada lobster, Pink lobster, King lobster,Blue Lobster, Xichuan Geoduck, California Geoduck, water Clam, white Clam and Brown Crab.

The company's brands "Zhongmei" and "Lisheng" are widely welcomed by wholesalers and retailers. They come from deep sea, pure natural green products.

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