Keyway Group Enterprises Inc.
Keyway Group Enterprises Inc.

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Establish and strengthen the supply chain of fresh lobster in America and Europe, and develop the market of raw frozen and cooked frozen lobster and abalone
Improve the company's warehouse packaging and breeding technology, and establish entry barriers in the form of patent

We should develop the upstream and downstream industrial chain vertically, and vigorously carry out the business of fishing rights and expanding fishing areas

Enrich product structure, cultivate new customers, at the same time, increase the sales value of single customer

Deepen China's consumer market and radiate business in other Asia Pacific regions

China plans to establish a wholesale and retail intervention in the Chinese market, and establish a brand in the field of Internet fresh e-commerce
Establish leading brand of wild fishing in lobster and abalone
Cooperation with Chinese scientific breeding technology company to make breakthrough in seedling and breeding
Try food processing at the right time and establish the standard of non poisonous green food
Use capital market financing to develop fish pond culture, frozen seafood and food processing business

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